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Carpenter Ant Control

Ant Control in Portland Or and Vancouver Wa can be a challenge.  The Biggest threat from carpenter ants in Oregon is the fact that they make their nest in and around our homes. While carpenter ants do not eat wood they actively excavate wood to build their colonies. Carpenter ant colonies are very large and residents of the colonies will number in the thousands. A Carpenter ant colony is constantly growing, as a colony grows it establishes satellite colonies. Satellite colonies consist of mature larvae pupae and, workers and winged reproductive ants. The parent colony contains the queen, larvae and workers. Ants travel between the parent colony the satellite and feeding areas as needed. Carpenter ants feed on just about anything they find which make our homes an enticing target for establishing satellite colonies; an abundance of food and water for survival and plenty wood to establish their colony in.

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Structural Damage left behind from a Carpenter Ant colony.

When to treat for Carpenter Ants

Because carpenter ants can cause thousands of dollars in structural damage to a home, the best time to treat is when you first start seeing them.

Look for carpenter ants in the evening and the early morning as carpenter ants are typically the most active from evening to morning hours.

Our technician will do a full inspection of your home and present a pest management treatment for your specific situation.

Odorous House Ant Control (House Ant/Sugar Ant)

Sugar Ant Control - Portland Oregon - Vancouver WA - Bloom Pest Control

House Ants eat anything, but, are epecially attracted to water and sugary substances.

Odorous house ants are the little (about an 1/8 of an inch) dark brown, almost black, ants more commonly known as sugar ants. They get the name sugar ants from the fact that they love sugary and sweet foods. Empty soda cans and other sugary substances found in and around our homes are very enticing to the Odorous Ant.  Exterminating odorous ants for many homeowners id only the beginning, keeping odorous ants from coming back is something that Bloom Pest Control can ensure happens.

Odorous house ants foraging in and around the home for food and/or water will often choose to establish colonies inside the structure since these items are readily available there. These ants are often seen in the kitchen and bathroom beginning in early spring. Inside the home they are generally found in wall voids, especially around hot water heaters and hot water pipes. While these ants do not cause structural damage, they can be very annoying due to their presence in our homes.

Odorous Ant Habitat:
Odorous house ants are found outdoors nesting beneath rocks, under logs and landscape timbers, under mulch, or just about anything lying on the ground can act as a nesting site for these ants.

Odorous Ant Diet:
Odorous house ants are omnivores (they eat anything), but are especially attracted to sugary substances such as empty soda cans, syrups, and any other type food debris.

When to treat for Sugar Ants

The sooner we can treat your home the better, an established nest can range from 3 to 5 thousand individuals and they have multiple queens per nest which makes them a formidable opponent. Although they are not wood destroying pest, they can compromise food sources and even bite. As soon as it’s apparent that you have an infestation of sugar ants, that is the time to treat for them. Utilizing biological controls and multiple treatment approaches; Bloom Pest Control can give you relief from these pests.

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