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Termites. These pests can be of a villainous sort, causing havoc throughout your home. There are two subcategories in the northwest, specifically Portland Or and Vancouver Wa.

Damp Wood Termite

In the fall, you will notice them flying around and bouncing off your porch lights in the evening. While they can do damage, they are attracted to rotting or water soaked wood. This is especially the case when a crawl space has lumber left after the construction of a home is completed.

Subterranean Termites Inspections

This is the subcategory that goes largely unnoticed due to the fact that they live in the ground. Typically they will emerge in early spring or late fall to feed on the substructure of a home from the crawl space. Unlike carpenter ants, these pests consume wood as a food source rather than a nesting site. The galleys or tunnels formed have unique characteristics. The common name for the tubes the subterranean termites form is called “mud tubes”.

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How Do Termites Get Into Buildings?

Some termites will build tunnels that lead from the outside of your home to the inside of your home; these are hardest to spot since they live in the ground. Others can come in to your house by ‘catching a ride’ from a piece of wood they have already infested. Once the wood you’ve brought into your house is near other wood, they spread quickly. It’s best to call a professional at the first sign of termites or the damage they cause.

How Do You Know If You Need Termite Removal?

Your biggest indicator of an infestation is finding wood that is rotted or appears to be chewed-up. You can’t always depend on this method as a lot of your home’s wood is concealed in the walls. Another way to know if you are in need of extermination is when you see them. Like with the damp wood termite, you can often see them walking about. If you see one, there is bound to be more somewhere. So we strongly suggest that you give us a call at the first sign of this pest so we can help design the best termite treatment. Here at Bloom we have free inspections at your earliest convenience. Please call today or submit an online quote request.

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Damage left from a termite infestation.

Termite Extermination (How it works)

Termites are one of the more difficult pests to get rid of. Each and every home has different levels of pest infestation, requiring custom termite treatments. Fully riding your home of any invasive pest is not a “cookie cutter” job, each home requires an inspection (that we offer for free) to be able to determine the correct path of extermination.

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