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Spider Extermination – Removal – Control

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During the fall, especially in Portland Or and Vancouver Wa, we all start to notice more and more spiders coming around and staying at our house. We tend to see less indoors in the summer months because they, like us, are outside enjoying the sunshine. Spiders are actually very beneficial to the ecosystem. The main thing most of us notice is they help keep our home and yard free from pest insects. But did you know they do that all over the world? Spiders work hard at preventing insects from becoming overly dominant and destructive. There are so many things that spiders are great for, but we definitely understand not wanting them in your home.

Cool Facts About Spiders

Spider silk is among the most elastic and strongest of natural fibers (which is why that web seems to never come off you when you walk through one).  In fact, synthetic spider silk has proven useful in creating the next gen of parachutes and bullet-proof vests. Cool, right?

Spider FAQ’s
Spider Extermination - Pest Control - Integrated Pest Management - Portland OR Vancouver WA

Argiope Aurantia, also know as the yellow garden spider. Picture taken at our Oregon City office!

Dangerous Spiders in the Pacific Northwest

We only have a few spiders in the greater Portland Oregon and Vancouver WA areas that can do some serious harm if they bite you and are not treated soon after the bite. So, here are the ones that you should look out for:

Black Widow Spider:

A female black widow can be identified by a prominent, red hourglass shape on the under side of its abdomen. There are a few species of spiders that have similar markings, but if you see something close to it, you should steer clear. They typically come from the warmer climates, but can be brought here on furniture or other items that come from the south. A male black widow is brown and is a bit smaller than the female, but it is not poisonous.

Brown Recluse Spider:

These are typically found in the south eastern part of the country, but have been seen here occasionally. They can be identified by a prominent violin shaped marking on their backs that give them the name “Fiddle Back”. They also have just 3 eyes where a typical spider has eight eyes.


Spider Extermination - Pest Control - Portland OR Vancouver WA

Female North American black widow spider – Also has a very distinctive red hourglass shape on underside.

Hobo Spider:

This is the most common poisonous spider that we have in the Portland Metro/ SW Washington area. They are larger, brown spiders with a darker V-shape on its abdomen. They look strikingly similar to a non-poisonous Giant House Spider. A Giant House Spider has similar markings, but can be distinguished by the darker colored joints on its legs. Since they are so similar looking, we would advise having a spider treatment if you are not sure.

Spider Extermination

Spider control treatments are relatively easy and very effective. If you have a spider problem, please don’t hesitate to call. Take advantage of our same day next day services and schedule your appointment today!

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